Will A Salon Fix My Hair for Free or Do I Have to Pay Again?

Question: I had my hair bleached two days ago and then dyed with Directions purple. The barber said everything would be fine and no problems. This morning I discovered that my approach is totally violet then I have down pretty purple .. but still totally the light brown spots the extremely schei .. look. Basically it looks like home-made, although this would have been better for me … I have a lot of money to pay and find the money is the work schei .. become!

And as the barber said the color would be good.

Am I right on a free “repair”?

Every craftsman is required by law to repair – so therefore the hairdresser. Remedies are always free !!!!! For which, however, no craftsman is legally required, that is the repair of another craftsman to pay! The hairdresser looks a bit complicated, because you have to prove that the result was not to your satisfaction and is – you have to contact the master of the guild, who must assess your color impartially – the best way to make revealing photos, so in the aftermath do not stand statement against statement. You do not have to be friendly, if you have paid a lot of money for a “dirty work”, you should argue objectively, and ask the barber in all certainty, what he intends to do now, because you do not want to run around – and then you hear what he offers you? If no agreement can be reached, then I would ask the responsible Chamber of Crafts, as you could proceed – on the claim of another hairdresser must be decided before necessarily, otherwise you have very bad cards and stay at the expense of sitting !!! !!

  • Of course you have the right to free rework. The hairdresser is a professional and has to achieve a very good color.
  • Just go, be nice and friendly and ask for the rework in a gentle way. Do not be up for a fight right away.

How the law looks, I can not tell you. But I already had such hairdressing accidents. When I complained then they have fixed that for free. That should be self-evident, because you’ve paid for a different result, than what came out of it ….

will salon fix hair for free
will salon fix hair for free

Sure, even at the barber you can complain. But stay friendly (and definitely)!


Service providers, such as hairdressers, are obliged to provide the agreed (!) Service. In case of failure, such as green instead of blond hair, he has to improve. If he is not ready, you can go to another salon. The costs are borne by the hairdresser responsible for the damage. If he refuses, contact the Guild. More info in the book: “Your rights in purchase and complaint” (Consumer Center).

I do not know if this is regulated by law or something, but I have the experience that the hairdresser usually “repaired” for free. If it really looks as stupid as you say, then someone from the subject will also recognize.

If the hairdresser did not do your hair the way you want, or otherwise I say I made a mess, then yes. As with any other service too

The hairdresser has to improve!

He’s the specialist for this and you must like it. Just go back and talk to him about your problem

The right is yours. And you do not have to pay anything for it. If this is also a mess, you can go to another hairdresser. The account of these must then bear the other barber (the first one).

Yes, go, the hairdresser has to improve!